In the year 1947, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle started a Bible School. The Bethel Bible Institute has been a source of blessing and service to many people from all walks of life. The opening of a Bible school in the Long Island area was placed on the heart of our President Emeritus and Founder, Bishop Roderick R. Caesar, Sr., D. Div., who being convinced that God deserves rightly trained workers to do His will, accepted his call to labor in Jamaica, New York. Under Divine guidance, Bishop Caesar opened the doors of the Bethel Bible Institute with his wife, Rev. Gertrude Caesar, and his sister, Evangelist Bernice Caesar.

During the course of over fifty-two years of the school's history, Bible schools and classes have sprung up everywhere. However, the Bethel Bible Institute stands firm as an institution where Spirit-filled, trained instructors still reap great joy from sharing their God-given knowledge with these eager-to-Learn students, who become workers approved by God and who can rightly divide the Word of Truth.

Bethel Bible Institute can give praise for its thousands of students who have completed their studies and are now serving around the world as evangelists, missionaries, teachers, pastors, counselors, and great helpers of various Christian services.

Though other textbooks have been added for each course of study, the Bible still remains our standard textbook. We always accept it as the final authority of faith and practice. We believe "All scripture is inspired of God and is also profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness" - (2 Timothy 3: 16 ). The Bible unites in all of its parts and in the onward sweep of its victorious Messiah to proclaim the day of triumph for righteousness when the reign of peace, justice and goodness, and truth shall have no end. It is not only the Divine witness of God's messages to the patriarchs and prophets, the Bible also stands as the living witness of His final and complete revelation in Christ.

We aim to offer a rich Christ-centered curriculum in all areas of Biblical studies. Students register in our headquarters and extension schools throughout the Metropolitan area, Long Island , Florida , and our overseas schools in Trinidad , India and South Africa .

The Bethel Bible Institute remains a great source of blessing and inspiration as several hundred students study the Word of God weekly. It is an interdenominational and interracial institution, and her doors are open to all people everywhere.

The Bethel Bible Institute is accredited through the Accrediting Commission International, and operates under the auspices of the Bethel Gospel Tabernacle International, Inc