Dr. Roderick R. Caesar is the Senior Pastor of the Bethel Gospel Tabernacle (BGT). He is the son of Bethel’s founders, Bishop Roderick R. Caesar, Sr. and Gertrude Brown Caesar. For 10 years he served as Pastor of Calvary Full Gospel Church in Woodside, Queens, a branch church of BGT. Upon the passing of his mother, who was then Assistant Pastor of Bethel, the executive board unanimously named him ...the new Assistant Pastor. In that capacity he served for seven years, assisting his father in ministry. In 1984, Bishop Sr., a wise man, followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit and put his son in place as Senior Pastor; relinquishing his position, passing the mantle to his progeny.

In November 1994, under the mentoring of his father, Roderick was consecrated to the office of Bishop, becoming overseer of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle Fellowship International. He received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Northgate Bible College and Logos Bible College, as well as a formal theological education at Zion and Bethel Bible institutes.

Bishop Caesar not only shepherds a congregation of 2,000 members, he is the overseer of three branch churches,including a thriving church in Haiti. With vision and keen intelligence, he is building a church and molding a future for Bethel as evidenced by his presence on the boards of several key Christian organizations, including Bethel’s own Federal Credit Union and Bible Institute, Logos Bible College & Graduate School, the National Religious Broadcasters – an international media ministry, Kings College, and the Board of Directors of the Christian Renaissance Corporation.

Among his other accomplishments, Bishop Caesar had conferred upon him a Doctorate of Divinity in November 1994, which he earned from Vision Christian College. He is also listed in the world-wide registry of Who’s Who, members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in their chosen profession, industry or occupation. The media ministry has greatly expanded under his direction. As a result of innovative programming and community involvement, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle has established a solid reputation, locally as well as nationally. This is a direct consequence of Dr. Caesar’s excellent leadership and reliance on God for wisdom and direction.

With Bishop Caesar’s “eagle eye,” intelligence and proven acumen, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle will always be committed to the great task of establishing the purpose of the church in the community and winning souls to Christ for the Kingdom of God. Just as the strength of the eagle is borne in its wings which allows it to fly higher and travel vast distances, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, under the visionary guidance of Dr. Caesar, will continue to soar to higher heights and deeper depths in God; to greater accomplishments with the same perseverance and strength.

Dr. Caesar lives in Hollis, Queens, with his wife, Beverly, and their four children.